Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 – Basically just a re-hash of vol 1

So, not to be harsh, but who wrote this plot? Because it was exactly the same as the first film – but hey, we had some laughs.

Yeah that’s right.


I said it.


So you remember the first Guardians of the Galaxy right? It was hilarious.


It played on the teams’ dynamic – or lack thereof.


It focussed on reluctantly saving the galaxy, which a villain was dead set on blowing up.


It also had filial themes – Gamora and Nebula’s precarious (I’m being generous here) sisterhood, and their insane daddy issues.


It had people hunting the entire team down (although most notably, Peter).


And lastly, it relied on Groot to pick up where the plot – or dialogue – fell down.



And that, my friends, essentially sums up the second film too.guardians-of-the-galaxy-angry-groot


There are minor changes. For instance, it’s Peters turn to have Daddy Issues™, and it’s a new villain setting out to blow up the universe (or like, drown it in a vaguely explained mysterious blue goo), and um… that’s it. Those are basically the changes.


Like I said. It’s essentially a re-hash. In fact, it does so little in the way of new plot, that you could remove it entirely from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you’ll find very little has changed – if anything.


You want some pepper with that salt guys?


The soundtrack lowkey sucked as well.


Although, if I’m being honest, it might be really good to Americans. But as a Kiwi, I was hard pressed to find songs that I actually recognise besides the one Fleetwood Mac and one Cat Stevens song.


Or am I just really not as into country music as I thought I was? Maybe it’s time to name and shame me.



So, after all my bitching and whining, I’d just like to come out and say:


I really enjoyed this film.


Yes, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the first one.


Yes, the soundtrack kinda sucked.


But you know what? It was still fucking funny.


The lack of team dynamic is still cool to watch.


Finding out about Peters heritage was cool – even if it ended badly.


And yeah, it’s basically great to see all the stupid, crazy, dumb superhero stuff they get up to.


But why did I really like it?




Baby Groot!


Listen, it’s not always the best idea, but in this case it was.




What was the biggest craze that came from the first film? People went absolutely bananas for Baby Groot. Because he is the tiniest, cutest, most comedically timed tiny plant anyone has ever seen.


And honestly, an entire film of him as the main character would be a dream come true for me.


But I will settle for him as a side (or even minor) character as he was in this film.


What really saved this film was that even though it was a rehash, was that it was still a bloody good time. I can’t fault lazy writing – it’s what I’ve come to expect from the comedy genre (except for you Brooklyn 99 – you’ll always stay true in my heart). All I can hope for is some good laughs, and for it please, please, please not to be racist.


It pretty much ticked those two menial boxes, so I’d still recommend it. Just don’t expect it to completely blow your socks off, or even add much to the expanding MCU.


Oh, and pro tip: It has 5 end credit scenes. Yes, FIVE.


Stay strong peeps.


One more Baby Groot just because I love him


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