The tea: your taste in movies doesn’t make you better than anyone else ☕

Listen. If you think you’re better than me because you’re “above” superhero movies, then this blog goes out to you.

I didn’t realise I had to write this, I really didn’t.

But if I get another comment saying that “superhero movies are for children blah blah blah watch a real movie” I’m going to lose it.

And that’s saying a lot because I barely get comments.

I want to start this with a disclaimer: I think we’re all a little elitist. While I’m an adamant believer that if another person’s interests are not harming themselves or other people then you aren’t better than them, I still occasionally look at someone thinking Banksy is the pinnacle of political art and think I’m better than them.

BUT I would never say that to them! And whenever I find myself thinking this I actively mentally correct myself.

When you go out of your way to say someone is childish because they like superheroes, or basic because they think 2001: Space Odyssey is trash and Bring It On is a masterpiece (@ me), you’re simply showing that you’re small minded and not willing to grow.

I want to know why you think you’re more intellectual, or critical thinking, or “grown up” than me because you don’t like Black Panther? Tell me. Come for me in the comments.

I feel like it’s the dumbest people who often decide that something so subjective as film or art makes them better than others. It’s an asinine and childish practice in itself, and kind of the biggest turn off.

Also, as a sidenote, this isn’t just about films. If you think you’re better than me because you snort heavy metal or classic rock and I love to rock out to nearly anything with a beat, then you’re just as bad. Same goes for art, books, and almost anything else!

The only time I feel like it’s justified in looking down on someone for their interests is if they like something that is hurting themselves, or others, or if the artist themselves has contributed to negative things such as racism etc. But when I say “looking down” I still don’t actually mean “be a dick”. I mean “participate in constructive discourse with the person so they understand that you don’t think you’re ‘better than them’, but rather that they should re-evaluate what their interests contribute to”.

TL;DR – you’re no fucking better than anyone because you don’t like what they watch.

Also fuck you.

Author: Manic Pixie Film Girl

Graduated with a film and politics degree. Business owner and social media manager by day, fangirl by night.

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