December 2015 I had decided I’d had enough of nobody in real life wanting to obsessively discuss films, tv, and books with me, especially as I felt the strong urge to discuss everything from a strongly political view.

So I started a blog.

Only I didn’t start it on here, WordPress, but rather on Blogger, for some reason. Although this caused many frustrations and eventually I have moved my posts and intentions onto here.

From here on out you can expect sporadic reviews and opinions regarding media both old and new, but almost always from a politicised perspective, particularly post-structural feminist.

If you’re interested in a quick rundown of things I enjoy or might be talking about, I’m really into Westworld, Game of Thrones (books, the show is… well lets just say I’ll watch it, but I wish I wouldn’t), Harry Potter, Star Wars, musicals of all sorts, the occasional Disney film, Orphan Black, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum, you get the picture.

If, for some reason, you don’t actually know me in real life, and you somehow found my blog through sheer luck and internet miracles, then perhaps you want to know a little bit more about me. Like, the real me.

Well, my name’s Morgan. I was born in 1994 (not saying my age just so I don’t have to come back every year and update this), during a cyclone, and I’ve been making noise and breaking objects ever since. I’m hugely passionate about human rights, and I’m from beautiful New Zealand. I love travelling – and I love blogging about it on Exploring Kiwis. I love myself – and broadcasting that on Instagram. And I love writing and creating content of all kinds, whether that be photography, blogging, or social media – which I do through my own businessย Hyped NZ. I also volunteer at the local Parents Centre, running their social media and PR, and often helping out with events as well.

Also, secretly, I’m just starting to help a friend with her documentary, which I’m v v excited about!

As you can see I’m an obsessive creator. There aren’t many projects out there I won’t put my hand up for. I feel the extreme need to advocate, participate,ย and create, and this blog is just part of that for me, and I hope it brings at least one person joy (even if that one person is just me.)

I started this to start a conversation, so feel free to comment, or request I watch/read certain things!

My old blog is here:ย http://manicpixiefilmgirl.blogspot.co.nz/